This is a selection of the favorite pieces of writing I have published in the last five years.*

+ An ongoing column in ArtReview on photography in Nigeria. (2022)

+ “‘The Spoils of a Savage War.” The New York Review of Books (2022)

+ “Traveling Secretary.” Granta (2021)

+ “Man of Scarce Means.” n+1 (2021)

+ “Rendezvous: A Fiction.” Jo Ractliffe: Photographs 1980s–Now. (2021). PDF.

+ “Mileage from Here: Nine Narratives.” Todd Webb in Africa (2021). PDF.

+ “As Seen from a Distance.” Ming Smith: An Aperture Monograph. (2020). PDF.

+ “‘Gone Like a Meteor’: Epitaph for the Lost Youth of the Biafran War.” The New York Review of Books (2019)

+ “To the Follower of Chiekh Amadou Bamba I Met in Dakar.” Off Assignment / The Best American Travel Writing 2020 (2019/2020)

+ “A Sum of Encounters: Narrative Essays on 8 Nigerian artists.” Developed with an Arts Writers grant. sumofencounters.com. (2018-2019)

+ “How to be a Travel Writer in Africa.” LitHub. (2018)

+ “The Colonizer’s Archive is a Crooked Finger.” Catapult(2017)

*An exhaustive list of my essays, stories, and art criticism can be found here, loosely sub-categorized according to genre. In some cases, where the piece was published in a print publication, and not easily accessible, I have included a PDF scan. Otherwise, there’s a hyperlink.