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An excerpt from The Sound of Things to Come in Enkare Review.


Narrative Essays

  • For the project “Photographie et Oralité Dialogues à Bamako, Dakar et ailleurs, 2011–2015,” a narrative essay, “My Heart Is as Brief as Photos.
  • My Life as a Wave.” Photographs & a short essay (on itinerancy, unsheltered life, etc.) in Open Space, guest-edited by ARTS.BLACK.
  • The Sum of Encounters,” a travelogue for the Carnegie Int’l, 57th ed., 2018.


  • The short reflective essays I wrote for Invisible Borders in 2014 and 2016 while traveling across African countries can be found on the Invisible Borders website.
  • As writer-in-residence for Platform 2015: Dancers, Buildings and People in the Streets, I wrote weekly essays on the workshops, performances, and dance events.
  • Essays on historical and contemporary photographs from, in, and around Nigeria, in The Trans-African.




Talk & presentation at the MFA Art Criticism & Writing program, School of Visual Arts (2014).