Creating Visual Experiences

Work on my second novel is slowly progressing; I have written an initial draft of about 45,000 words, and I have put away the draft to research on how photographs can take hold of lives, how imagery reaches to the core of whom we are. I stumble on amazing stuff every day. Today, while reading about David Park on Art Critical, I found the following passage, excerpted from an interview of one of his lifelong friends, included in a biography by Nancy Boas:

“He said that the night before, when Lydia was undressing, she pulled off her slip, and the slip was in that electrified stage that some slips sometimes get into, and that as she pulled it over her, suddenly the electricity, the light, flickered across, so that her whole body was outlined in shadow against the slip, and he was just overcome by how beautiful it was. The scene was tremendous to him––the light that showed off the figure. He spoke almost in a tone of reverence…I think it was partly that his love for her shone through. I always remember his speaking of it. It was a visual experience for him which had great emotion.”

 I read that love and art dovetailed in Park’s sensibility – which is what I hope will happen in my novel, and my life. I want to create visual experiences layered on great emotionality.

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